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Freshdesk CRM Review: An All-in-One Solution for Outstanding Customer Support

Freshdesk CRM Review – Are you searching for a reliable CRM software that can elevate your customer support to new heights? Look no further than Freshdesk, a comprehensive customer support platform offered by Freshworks. In this Freshdesk review, we will explore the key features, highlights, recent updates, and alternatives to help you determine if Freshdesk is the best CRM solution for your business.

Freshdesk: A Customer Engagement Powerhouse

Freshdesk is purpose-built for customer engagement and belongs to a family of Freshworks CRMs, each catering to different aspects of business operations. This includes Freshmarketer for marketing, Freshsales for sales management, and Freshservice for IT support. If you’re seeking an all-in-one CRM that seamlessly combines sales and marketing functionalities, we highly recommend exploring Freshsales Suite.

Freshdesk Review: Delivering Exceptional Customer Support

Freshdesk stands out as a robust CRM that empowers businesses to provide outstanding customer support. With its intuitive interface and user-friendly design, Freshdesk simplifies email ticketing, live chat support, and call center management, making it more accessible than competing CRMs such as Zendesk.

This CRM offers a plethora of valuable tools for team collaboration, including shared inboxes and automation capabilities for organizing incoming requests. Additionally, Freshdesk boasts advanced reporting features that provide in-depth insights, although mastering these tools may require some learning.

While Freshdesk is undeniably a powerful customer support center, it’s worth noting that it falls on the higher end of the price spectrum compared to other platforms. Thus, it may not be the most suitable choice for businesses with tight budgets. However, if your company can accommodate the cost, Freshdesk is undoubtedly one of the leading CRM solutions for exceptional customer support.

Score: 4.5/5

Freshdesk: Key Features

Freshdesk is divided into three distinct modules: Support Center, Messaging, and Contact Center. Let’s explore each of these modules and their functionalities:

  1. Support Center: This module focuses on handling customer support tickets efficiently. You can seamlessly set up ticketing across various platforms, including websites, apps, and social media channels. With Freshdesk, new tickets can be assigned to individuals or shared inboxes to facilitate collaboration. Teams can also collaborate by sharing tickets and dividing tasks to ensure prompt resolution of complex requests.
  2. Messaging: Formerly known as Freshchat, the Messaging module enables the deployment of automated chatbots across multiple channels such as websites, mobile apps, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Apple Messages. Incoming messages can be directed to shared inboxes, fostering collaboration within support teams.
  3. Contact Center: Formerly called Freshcaller, this module offers voice-over-IP (VoIP) services that allow businesses to handle incoming phone calls from customers. It supports agents in over 90 countries and provides the flexibility to bring your own carrier if you already have one. Contact Center also offers call recording and transcription features, and agents can seamlessly switch a phone call to live chat.

Freshdesk comprehensively tracks all support interactions between your company and customers, providing detailed insights into each customer’s account history. You can access information such as current and archived tickets, agent notes, chat and phone conversation transcripts, and more. Additionally, Freshdesk allows you to tag and segment contacts, facilitating efficient organization of your database while offering priority support to specific customers.

Freshdesk: What’s New?

Freshdesk has introduced several important features since our last review, enhancing its functionality and usability. Here are the notable additions:

  1. Enhanced Ticket Ownership Sharing: Teams can now share ownership of tickets with other teams or external third parties. This new feature promotes collaboration and opens up more opportunities for efficient resolution of customer inquiries.
  2. Advanced Agent Scheduling: Freshdesk now offers enhanced agent scheduling capabilities, including vacation time tracking. With this feature, the software can automatically route tickets and messages to available agents, ensuring prompt responses to new requests.
  3. Quality Coach Tool: Freshdesk introduced the quality coach tool, enabling you to create scorecards to assess your agents’ interactions with customers. The tool also allows for quick analysis of scorecards to identify top-performing support agents.

Alternatives to Freshdesk

While Freshdesk is an excellent CRM platform, there are alternative options worth considering for exceptional customer support. Let’s explore two notable alternatives:

  1. Zendesk: Zendesk is an incredibly versatile CRM that provides a wide range of tools for ticketing, live chat, and phone support. With over 1,000 apps and integrations, Zendesk offers extensive automation features at a more affordable price point than Freshdesk. Moreover, it includes an internal help desk, making it an excellent choice for larger companies. However, Zendesk may have a steeper learning curve compared to Freshdesk, which may be a crucial factor for small businesses aiming for a quick support center setup.
  2. LiveAgent: LiveAgent is a more budget-friendly alternative to Freshdesk. However, it doesn’t offer the same depth of features. While LiveAgent excels in live chat support, it lacks the comprehensive reporting options and ticketing automations available in Freshdesk. Additionally, LiveAgent does not provide phone support capabilities. If your primary focus is chat support, LiveAgent can be a suitable option, but for a complete support center experience, Freshdesk offers more comprehensive functionality.

Freshdesk: Final Verdict

Freshdesk stands out as a high-quality CRM software that empowers companies to establish an efficient and comprehensive customer support center. With its support for email ticketing, live chat, and phone support across multiple channels, Freshdesk caters to the diverse needs of businesses. Furthermore, the platform offers automation capabilities and chatbots with its higher-tier plans.

Despite its numerous tools and features, Freshdesk remains surprisingly user-friendly. The well-organized interface allows for seamless ticket and chat management, enabling agents to start addressing customer inquiries promptly. The only area that may pose some challenges is the advanced reporting tools, which may require time to master due to their complexity.

The primary drawback of Freshdesk lies in its cost. Certain features, such as workflow automation, come with a higher price tag. To incorporate live chat or phone capabilities into your support center, you’ll need to opt for the more expensive Omnichannel subscription. While Zendesk offers similar features at a lower price point, it may not be as user-friendly. Therefore, if your company has a sufficient budget, we recommend sticking with Freshdesk for a comprehensive CRM solution.

In conclusion, Freshdesk is an exceptional CRM platform that prioritizes outstanding customer support, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to elevate their support center capabilities.

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