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Best Help Desk CRM Software and Ticketing System

Help Desk CRM Software – In today’s competitive business landscape, providing exceptional customer service is essential for the success of any company.

To ensure your team can deliver the best experience possible, you need to equip them with the right tools.

That’s where the best help desk software and ticketing system come into play.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of implementing a robust help desk system and compare 20 top-notch solutions available in the market today.

What is Help Desk Software and What Does It Do?

When it comes to customer service and support, nothing can replace the empathy and problem-solving skills of a human being.

However, in our fast-paced economy, where customer experience is paramount, support agents often face the challenge of serving a larger number of customers in less time while still maintaining high levels of satisfaction.

This is where help desk software and ticketing systems come in handy.

Essentially, these tools act as assistants to human support agents, automating simple tasks and streamlining the support process.

Automating Simple Tasks

One of the key advantages of help desk and ticketing software is their ability to automate routine tasks.

Through automation and workflows, these systems can instantly respond to incoming customer requests, gather initial data, and route customers to the most suitable agents.

Additionally, they can update customer files, send notifications as tickets progress, and help agents organize their tasks based on priorities or categories.

Omnichannel Support

The best help desk software enables customers to reach out to your company through their preferred communication channels.

Whether it’s phone calls, emails, social media chats, or even SMS text messaging, these tools ensure a seamless and unified support experience.

Furthermore, they allow you to integrate a live chat widget on your website or mobile app, facilitating real-time assistance.

Customer Portals

Help desk solutions also offer self-service features, empowering customers to find solutions to their problems without creating support tickets.

A customer portal allows users to log in and review the status of their orders, profiles, or tickets.

Another valuable component is the knowledge base, which serves as an enhanced version of an FAQ section.

Leveraging AI, knowledge bases learn from common questions and provide increasingly precise solutions.

Analytics and Reports

Like any other department, customer service generates valuable data. Help desk tools can analyze this data and provide support managers with real-time insights.

These insights include performance evaluations of individual agents, teams, or entire shifts.

By identifying spikes in support issues based on time periods, geolocations, or devices, you can proactively address emerging problems.

Additionally, these tools can pinpoint specific products or services that cause the most customer issues, allowing you to take targeted actions for improvement.

Different Types of Help Desk Software

Help desk software comes in various forms, each tailored to specific needs. Here are some common types:

  • Customer Service Software
  • IT Service Management Software
  • Automated Ticketing Systems
  • Customer Self-Service Software
  • Social Media Service Software
  • Cloud-based Help Desk SaaS
  • On-premise Help Desk Software
  • Omnichannel Help Desk Software
  • SMS Customer Support Software
  • Telephone Customer Service Software

By selecting the right type of help desk software for your organization, you can optimize your support operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Help Desk Ticketing System Comparison Chart (Top 10 Highest Rated)

Now that you understand the significance of help desk systems for efficient customer service, it’s time to explore the leading vendors in this field.

Whether you require enterprise-level on-premise software or prefer free and open-source SaaS solutions, this comprehensive list of the top 10 help desk software tools has the perfect option for your operation.

Zendesk Service (Best help desk software overall)

With a strong presence in the customer service software industry, Zendesk has been a major player since its establishment in 2007.

Today, it boasts over 160,000 users across 160 countries. The Zendesk Service platform aims to simplify support processes and ensure faster response times for customers.

It offers multichannel support, including live chat, social media, and phone calls.

Automation features and workflows streamline tasks, while self-service knowledge bases provide quick answers.

Detailed reporting provides insights into customer support departments. Zendesk Service can also be integrated into Microsoft Teams.

Zoho Desk (Best free help desk ticketing system)

Zoho, a platform that dates back to the mid-90s, has stood the test of time with its powerful yet user-friendly solutions.

Zoho Desk is an all-in-one help desk solution that streamlines the ticketing process and facilitates automation for service agents.

It supports multiple communication channels, such as email, phone, social media, live chat, and web forms.

Zoho’s AI assistant, Zia, interacts with customers, performs sentiment analysis, and auto-tags tickets.

The platform also includes knowledge base tools and integrates seamlessly with Zoho CRM.

Real-time reports provide valuable data for service departments.

Zoho Desk offers a free version, as well as affordable standard, professional, and enterprise plans.

Freshdesk (Top help desk software for small business)

Freshdesk, developed by Freshworks, has gained popularity since its inception in 2010.

This help desk system offers ticket management with AI automation for prioritization and routing.

It includes a shared team inbox and allows agents to save common replies as canned responses. Freshdesk supports omnichannel communication, including email, phone, and chat.

The platform offers help widgets, personalized content, and rage-click detection to improve customer interactions.

Customizable reports and one-click insights enable data-driven decision-making. Freshdesk offers a free version, as well as premium plans with varying features and pricing options.

Kayako (Good multichannel service desk tool)

Kayako, founded in 2001, aims to enhance customer loyalty through its customer service app.

It supports multichannel communication, including mobile, Facebook, Twitter, email, and live chat. Kayako provides a self-service desk where customers can find simple solutions quickly.

The platform offers analytics for the help center and integrates seamlessly with various third-party tools such as Slack, Salesforce, and Stripe.

With Kayako, repetitive tasks can be automated, boosting efficiency. The platform offers three plans with different features and pricing options.

Help Scout (Good help desk software for simple workflows)

Founded in 2011, Help Scout is designed with a focus on providing an excellent customer experience.

The shared inbox simplifies support departments, and collaboration features like notes, tagging, and saved replies enhance team productivity.

Collision detection prevents duplicate work. Help Scout captures full customer data, including previous queries, for a comprehensive view.

The platform allows you to set up workflows for automation and offers a customizable knowledge base. In-app messaging enables proactive support.

Help Scout offers standard and advanced plans with different mailbox limits and pricing options.

These are just a few of the top help desk software solutions available in the market.

By choosing the right tool for your specific needs, you can streamline your customer support operations and provide exceptional customer service.

Evaluate the features, pricing, and compatibility of each help desk software option to determine the best fit for your organization.

Front (Good help desk support tool for team collaboration)

Front is a platform that focuses on team collaboration and provides robust help desk support.

It offers various features to facilitate collaboration within service departments, including team inboxes, ticket assigning, tags, and @mentions.

Standard workflow automations streamline processes, while premium packages offer advanced rule triggers and actions.

Integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook lists enhances productivity. Front also offers in-app messaging and chat widgets for websites.

With major integrations and a robust API, Front is a comprehensive solution for team collaboration.

Vision Helpdesk (Good on-premise help desk system)

Vision Helpdesk, developed by JPK Software Solutions, is a reputable on-premise help desk system.

It supports multichannel communication channels such as email, phone, live chat, and social media.

The software provides simple workflows with rules-based triggers, allowing for efficient ticket management and escalation rules based on SLA agreements.

Automation notifications and gamification features enhance team collaboration.

Vision Helpdesk offers flexible billing options, including monthly per agent plans and one-time license fees.

ThinkOwl (Great AI-based help desk and ticketing system)

ThinkOwl leverages AI technology to enhance customer support and ticketing processes.

The AI capabilities gradually learn and improve over time, providing agents with important information when they need it most.

ThinkOwl offers shared unified inbox management, virtual assistant features, and a chatbot.

Case management, analytics, and reporting tools ensure efficient ticket resolution.

ThinkOwl offers a free version and various pricing tiers for different business needs.

HelpDesk (Great cheap help desk and ticketing tool)

HelpDesk is a customer service platform that prioritizes simplicity and affordability.

It offers multichannel support tools, allowing agents to use a single app for multiple email accounts.

Ticket management features enable tagging and grouping based on common solutions.

HelpDesk provides standard workflows, including automated ticket routing, and supports team collaboration with private notes.

The platform offers customizable branding options and comprehensive analytics to gain insights into customer interactions.

HelpDesk offers affordable pricing plans, including a Starter plan and a Team plan, as well as custom pricing for enterprises.

SeamlessDesk (Good free help desk system for single user)

SeamlessDesk is an IT service desk software that caters to end-users struggling with site or app issues.

It offers features for efficient ticket assigning, tracking, and resolution.

Customizable workflow automations streamline processes without requiring coding expertise.

Customers can interact via phone calls, emails, social media, and mobile SMS.

SeamlessDesk provides comprehensive features for managing customer support teams, including tracking and reporting on agent or team performance and time spent on tickets.

It offers a free version for single users, a premium plan, and custom pricing options for enterprise-level operations.

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